Calculation of flavour physics observables

SuperIso is a program for calculation of flavour physics observables in the Standard Model (SM), general two-Higgs-doublet model (2HDM), minimal supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM) and next to minimal supersymmetric Standard Model (NMSSM). SuperIso, in addition to the isospin asymmetry of B -> K* gamma, which was the main purpose of the first version, incorporates other flavour observables such as the branching ratio of B -> Xs gamma at NNLO, the branching ratio of Bs -> mu+ mu-, the branching ratio of B -> tau nu, the branching ratio of B -> D tau nu, the branching ratio of K -> mu nu as well as the branching ratios of Ds -> tau nu and Ds -> mu nu, and many observables from the B -> Xs l+ l- and B -> K* mu+ mu- decays. It also computes the muon anomalous magnetic moment (g-2).

SuperIso uses a SUSY Les Houches Accord file (SLHA1 or SLHA2) as input, which can be either generated automatically by the program via a call to SOFTSUSY, ISAJET, SPHENO, SUSPECT, NMSSMTools or provided by the user. SuperIso can also use the LHA inspired format for the 2HDM generated by 2HDMC.

Since version 2.8, SuperIso is FLHA compliant, and generates automatically an output FLHA file. SuperIso v2.8 includes also an interface with HiggsBounds v2.

SuperIso is able to perform the calculations automatically in the SM, in the 2HDM (general 2HDM or types I-IV) and in different supersymmetric scenarios, such as CMSSM, NUHM, AMSB, and GMSB (for MSSM) and CNMSSM, NGMSB and NNUHM (for NMSSM).

Since version 4.1, Siavash Neshatpour participates to the development of SuperIso.

For any comment, question or bug report please contact Nazila Mahmoudi.


The latest version of the manual can be found here (5 November 2020).

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