Calculation of flavour physics and dark matter observables

SuperIso Relic is a mixed C - Fortran code which computes the dark matter observables in the MSSM and NMSSM. SuperIso Relic is an extension of SuperIso and therefore gives access to many flavour observables at the same time.

The computation of the relic density requires the calculation of thousands of annihilation and coannihilation Feynman diagrams. In SuperIso Relic, all these diagrams have been analytically computed at tree level using FeynArts/FormCalc. They are then calculated numerically during execution. The widths of the Higgs bosons are also computed using FeynHiggs or Hdecay. The necessary libraries are included in the SuperIso Relic packages.

From the cosmological point of view, SuperIso Relic performs the relic density calculation in the cosmological standard model, but also offers the possibility to alter the equation of state of radiation or modify the density and entropy content of the pre-BBN Universe. BBN constraints to check the validity of the altered model are automatically computed using the AlterBBN code included in the package.

Since its version 4, SuperIso Relic also includes routines to compute observables related to dark matter direct and indirect detections, and incorporates in particular experimental constraints from FERMI-LAT, AMS-02, XENON1T, PANDA-X and PICO60.

For any comment, question or bug report please contact Alexandre Arbey, Nazila Mahmoudi or Glenn Robbins.


NEWThe latest version of the manual can be found here (30 June 2018).
The previous version of the manual can be found here (13 June 2011).

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