Since SuperIso v2.5, SuperIso is available within three different flavours:

  • the "top" and fast version with only flavour physics observables ("SuperIso")
  • the "beautiful" version with relic density calculation involving static libraries ("SuperIso Relic"), slow at compilation (one or two hours), but fast at execution
  • the "charming" version with relic density calculation involving dynamic libraries ("SuperIso Relic shared"), less slow at compilation, but compiling the libraries on the fly during execution and slower at execution by 10%.

Since SuperIso v2.8, the static and shared versions of SuperIso Relic are merged into a single version.

In all the Relic versions, the complete SuperIso (flavour) is embedded.


The main references for SuperIso are:
F. Mahmoudi, arXiv:0710.2067 [hep-ph], Comput. Phys. Commun. 178 (2008) 745
F. Mahmoudi, arXiv:0808.3144 [hep-ph], Comput. Phys. Commun. 180 (2009) 1579
please refer to them if you use SuperIso to publish a paper.

If you use the NMSSM version of SuperIso to publish a paper, please also cite:
F. Mahmoudi, Comput. Phys. Commun. 180 (2009) 1718

If you use SuperIso Relic to publish a paper, please also cite:
A. Arbey and F. Mahmoudi, arXiv:0906.0369 [hep-ph], Comput. Phys. Commun. 181 (2010) 1277
A. Arbey and F. Mahmoudi, Comput. Phys. Commun. 182 (2011) 1582
A. Arbey, F. Mahmoudi and G. Robbins, arXiv:1806.11489 [hep-ph]

If you use BBN constraints, please cite also:
A. Arbey, arXiv:1106.1363 [astro ph.CO], Comput. Phys. Commun. 183 (2012) 1822
A. Arbey, J. Auffinger, K.P. Hickerson, E.S. Jenssen, arXiv:1806.11095 [astro ph.CO]



Version 4.1 (4 November 2020)

  • Improvement of the automatic error calculation..
  • Implementation of an interpreter to ease calls to observable calculations.
  • Bug fixed in CQ2 calculation in 2HDM, with no significant change in the results (thanks to S. Heinemeyer).
  • Addition of Kaon observables.
  • Addition of Lambda_b-> Lambda l+l- observables.
  • Updated parameters, form factors, ...
  • Speed optimisations.

Version 4.0 (30 June 2018)

  • Addition of the automatic calculation of the theory errors and correlations (thanks to A. Arbey).
  • Addition of routines for computing and manipulating the covariance matrices (thanks to A. Arbey).
  • Addition of B->K* gamma branching ratio (thanks to S. Neshatpour).
  • Addition of several implementations for B->K*ll (thanks to S. Neshatpour).
  • Possibility to use OpenMP for the covariance matrix calculation.
  • Improved FLHA reader.
  • Speed optimisations.

Relic Version 4.0 (30 June 2018)

  • Dark matter direct detection added.
  • Dark matter indirect detection added.
  • Improved structure of the dark matter code.
  • Scenario with decaying cosmological scalar field added.
  • Parallel relic density calculation (using OpenMP).
  • Updated to SuperIso v4.0beta3.
  • Updated to AlterBBN v2.0beta1.
  • Updated parameters.
  • Hdecay updated to v6.52.
  • FeynHiggs updated to v2.14.2.

Version 3.6 (22 April 2017)

  • Addition of the chi2 calculation for b -> s observables, including the full theoretical and experimental correlations and uncertainties.
  • Improved implementation of B->D l nu observables.
  • Addition of B->D* l nu branching ratio, forward backward asymmetry, tau and D* polarizations.
  • Improved implementation of the scalar and pseudoscalar Wilson coefficients in 2HDM.
  • Minor improvements in the structure of the code.
  • Bug fixed for B->K(*)ll and Bs->phi ll (thanks to C. Langenbruch), with negligible numerical impact.
  • Speed optimisations (thanks to V. Chobanova).
  • Version interfaced in GAMBIT/FlavBit 1.0.0.

Version 3.5 (19 April 2016)

  • Addition of observables related to B->K* ell+ ell-, B->K ell+ ell- and Bs->phi ell+ ell- with full and soft form factor implementations (thanks to contributions from S. Neshatpour).
  • Lepton flavour generic routines for most of the leptonic and semileptonic observables.
  • Addition of four main programs for b->sll observables.
  • Minor corrections and improvements.
  • Updated parameter values.

Version 3.4 (28 October 2014)

  • Addition of more observables related to B->K* mu+ mu-.
  • Addition of three loop 2HDM corrections for b->s gamma.
  • Addition of three loop QCD corrections and NLO electroweak corrections to BR(Bs -> mu+ mu-).
  • Addition of an FLHA input file program.
  • Correction of the mass ordering of the sleptons in the SLHA2 reader (thanks to Mateusz Iskrzynski).
  • Bug fixed in the SLHA reader for blocks with non-standard comments (thanks to Vinzenz Maurer).
  • Improved convergence of some muon (g-2) functions (thanks to Yang Zhang).
  • Minor corrections, improvements and optimisations.
  • Updated parameter values (PDG 14).

Relic Version 3.4 (28 October 2014)

  • FeynHiggs updated to v2.10.2.
  • Hdecay updated to v6.13.
  • Updated to SuperIso v3.4.
  • Updated to AlterBBN v1.5.
  • Updated parameters.
  • Revert to FeynHiggs in NMFV scenarios (thanks to Mateusz Iskrzynski).

Version 3.3 (16 June 2012)

  • Addition of observables related to B->K* mu+ mu- (BR, AFB, AFB zero-crossing, isospin asymmetry, FL, FT, Aim, AT1...5, HT1...3, P1...6, for low and high q^2 separately).
  • Addition of observables related to B->Xs l+ l- (BR, AFB, AFB zero-crossing for l=mu and tau and for low and high q^2 separately).
  • Addition of untagged BR(Bs -> mu+ mu-).
  • Addition of more Cprime Wilson coefficients.
  • Minor corrections and improvements.
  • Typo corrected in the Suspect GMSB input (thanks to Sho Iwamoto).
  • Updated parameter values.

Relic Version 3.3 (16 June 2012)

  • FeynHiggs updated to v2.8.6.
  • Hdecay updated to v4.45.
  • Hdecay set as the default Higgs decay calculator.
  • Updated to SuperIso v3.3.
  • Updated to AlterBBN v1.3.
  • Addition of Z decay widths to sparticles.
  • Improvement in the handling of negative neutralino eigenstates (thanks to J. Ellis and K. Olive).
  • Speed improvements.

Version 3.2 (26 October 2011)

  • Addition of BR(Bd -> mu+ mu-).
  • Minor corrections in Wilson coefficients (thanks to Y. Takanishi), negligible numerical effect.
  • Updated parameter values.

Relic Version 3.2 (26 October 2011)

  • Addition of AlterBBN v1.2.
  • FeynHiggs updated to v2.8.5.
  • Hdecay updated to v4.40.
  • Updated to SuperIso v3.2.

Version 3.1 (8 May 2011, changes in the Higgsbounds interface 23 May 2011)

  • Improved interface for Higgsbounds.
  • Addition of Wolfenstein parameterization for the CKM matrix.
  • Minor improvements and updates.

Relic Version 3.1 (8 May 2011, changes in the Higgsbounds interface 23 May 2011)

  • Improved stau LSP relic density calculation.

Version 3.0 (23 February 2011)

  • Minor improvements (msugra.c renamed as cmssm.c, update of V_CKM and alpha_s).

Relic Version 3.0 (23 February 2011)

  • Minor improvements (speed optimizations, results unchanged).

Version 3.0rc (23 December 2010)

  • NMSSM calculations included.
  • Interface with NMSSMTools.

Relic Version 3.0rc (23 December 2010)

  • Relic density calculation in the NMSSM.

Version 2.8 (2 November 2010)

  • FLHA compliant.
  • Interface with HiggsBounds v2 and HDECAY.
  • Interface with SPheno.
  • Interface with SuSpect.
  • Addition of HC-AMSB and MM-AMSB models.
  • Improvement of the BR(Bs -> mu+ mu-) calculation.
  • Updated parameter values.
  • Minor improvements.

Relic Version 2.8 (2 November 2010)

  • Static and shared versions merged.
  • Additional reheating cosmological scenario.
  • Automatic configure script.

Version 2.7 (16 November 2009)

  • Compatibility with the new Isajet 7.80.
  • Implementation of D -> mu nu.
  • Improvement in the CKM matrix implementation.
  • Updated parameter values.
(Recommended version)

Relic Version 2.7 (16 November 2009)

  • Updated to SuperIso v2.7.
  • Major speed optimizations in the Shared version.

Version 2.6 (31 August 2009)

  • Implementation of the general 2HDM.
  • Interface with 2HDMC.
  • Addition of a main program for the SM.
  • Improvement of the muon g-2 calculation.

Relic Version 2.6 (31 August 2009)

  • Minor optimizations.

Version 2.5 (29 March 2009)

  • Replacement of "float" type by "double" to match the relic version conventions.
  • Minor improvements.

Relic Version 2.5 (29 March 2009)

  • First public release of the Relic version.

Version 2.4 (15 February 2009)

  • Implementation of the branching ratios of Ds -> tau nu and Ds -> mu nu.
  • Bug fixed in the SLHA2 reader (thanks to B. Allanach and P. Slavich).

Version 2.3 (25 August 2008)

  • Implementation of BR(Bs -> mu+ mu-).
  • Update of the numerical inputs (based on PDG 2008).
  • Change of the name of some routines.
  • Some minor corrections and improvements.

Version 2.2 (26 June 2008)

  • Implementation of BR(B -> tau nu).
  • Implementation of BR(B -> D tau nu) and BR(B -> D tau nu)/BR(B -> D e nu).
  • Implementation of BR(K -> mu nu)/BR(pi -> mu nu) and Rl23.
  • Some minor improvements.

Version 2.1 (15 April 2008)

  • SLHA2 compliant.
  • Some minor improvements.

Version 2.0 (18 February 2008)

  • Full NNLO implementation for the branching ratio (b -> s gamma).
  • Improvement of the calculation of the Wilson coefficients.
  • Updated parameters for the computation of the isospin asymmetry.
  • Implementation of the muon g-2 calculation.

Version 1.1 (15 January 2008)

  • Non Universal Higgs Mass (NUHM) Model added.
  • Some minor improvements.

Version 1.0 (17 September 2007)

  • First public release.